Nowadays, social media is one of the best methods you can use to engage customers and generate more leads. Not only can you get a lot of shares this way, but you also have the opportunity to share your brand’s voice and connect with your customers fast and easy. With that in mind, the way you post on social media and how often you post is also very important.

How many times should you post on social media?
Buffer states that the sweet sport would be 5 posts per day on a social network like Pinterest. The reason is simple, Pinterest is a social network that encourages sharing, and it doesn’t include that much written content. Instead, it’s all about sharing pictures and connecting with the audience from a visual standpoint. When it comes to Twitter, Buffer states that you should opt for around 3 posts per day, and a similar situation can be found in the case of Google +. For Facebook, 2 posts per day are enough, but try to make them varied, meaningful and unique!

Based on QuickSprout, not only do you need to figure out how many times you post per day or week, but you also have to maintain a sense of consistency. You need to identify your target demographic, select the most efficient channel and then post 2-3-5 posts per day. You don’t have to use all social media sites. However, once you choose a specific one, you do need to stick to it if you want to get the ultimate set of results.

Mari Smith, a well-known social media marketer, has also conducted her research in regards to how often you need to post on social media. It all comes down to the industry though, as a social media marketer or someone that works on the web all day long can share up to 7 tweets per day and around 4 during the weekends. But this is not a “one size fits all” solution. You need to be creative, and you have to experiment to find the sweet spot to suit your needs.

Localvox has a great set of social media mistakes that you can avoid too. Here you can learn what you shouldn’t do when you start posting on social media. Some of the ideas here show that you shouldn’t make one-way conversations, among others. The study also shows that you shouldn’t start posting without a plan and a strategy.

What can you do?
As you can see, posting on social media can be very challenging most of the time, and it can obviously eat up a lot of your time. But the reality is that you can always find some good, creative ways to eliminate the trouble. By hiring our agency, you will be able to eliminate the hassle and focus on what matters for your business. We are here to help you at all times, and with our help, you will be able to drive traffic and increase your company’s relevance in the online world. Don’t hesitate and visit our website if you want to get the very best results and increase your company’s return on investment!